Sign Re-Evaluation — Reasons 4-7 Refresh Your Look

Sign Re-Evaluation 4: The Best Advertising

Many businesses believe word-of-mouth advertising is the best available. According to store traffic surveys of new clients conducted by independent business owners who recently purchased new Signtronix signage, 46% of customers doing business with the for the first time came in because of the business sign. 37% came in because of word-of-mouth. Compare these figures with the newspaper advertising that brought in only 8% of the new customers.

Sign Re-Evaluation 5: Talk to Your Customers

Can you put a unique message on your sign every day? Can you tell potential customers “Welcome! Come in!” or “Sale! Today Only!”? Electronic Message signs give you the power to reach out to the many people who pass your business every day and tell them why they should come in to buy your products or services.

Sign Re-Evaluation 6: Increasing Customer Base

How many people in your community need your product today? You always have a new and expanding market. This natural expansion is one more reason to tell your story everyday.

Sign Re-Evaluation Step 7: It’s An Impulse

Have you ever been riding down the road, saw a sign, remembered a need that could be met at this establishment, turned into the business and made a purchase? How about Costco, Kryspy Kreme, McDonalds, or 7/11? Signs create impulse traffic into your business and return those who need your product in the future. Good signage causes people to remember where you are, what you do and how well you do it.

— Top 10 Reasons Why You Need to Re-Evaluate Your Sign —