Sign Re-Evaluation — Reasons 1-3 Refresh Your Look

Sign Re-Evaluation 1: Get Noticed

There is a direct correlation between visibility and cash flow. The battle-cry and price setting features of commercial real-estate is “location, location, location!” Most prime commercial property is sold by the front linear foot. In other words, it takes a lot of money to be up front and visible to passing drivers. However, an efective sign can place you upfront in visibility even if you are hidden from view.

Sign Re-Evaluation 2: First Impression

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your sign is representative of your business and lets customers see all your features and benefits. An effective sign can make or break you. A properly designed sign can create “top of the mind awareness” with the consumer. In other words, when they think of a product or service that you carry, they think of your business first. The repetitive passing of an effective sign creates an instant visual association between the consumer’s need and your business.

Sign Re-Evaluation 3: Customer Turnover

According to census data, the average yearly turnover is 20% of the customer population base. In small town America, it can be as high as 25%. So, while you may like to say, “Everybody knows I am here,” at best this may be only 80% true. A business needs at least a 20% increase in new customers every year just to stay even.

Consider McDonalds, why do you think they put the golden arches in front of the smallest volume store in the smollest town in which they do business? The answer is obvious. You don’t get to be the best without constantly reminding ever customer every time they pass by that you are open for business

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